Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

grundlagen des musikverständnisses - aphorismen

composition is an MP3 player that uses the Google API, can cook small meals and sings comical songs.
contemporary music is an airbag that catches small fish!
new complexity is a television set that receives data from any nearby hairpiece and has been blessed by a priest.
conceptual music is a microwave that doesn't distract you from your work!
minimalism is a candle! It detects background radiation!
art is an explosive device that knows what you want before you do, is oak-panelled and operates on a quantum level.
sound is like a normal key-ring, but it can be used on the move.
electronic music is a pair of sunglasses! It is used by the US military!
pop is a toothbrush that can read warchalking symbols! It does away with household drudgery.
western classical music is a pot plant that displays pornography!
computermukke is a personal organiser that plays the American national anthem! It squirts clouds of black ink.
to be continued

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